Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Glass block...chickens VS Snowmen...who's gonna win....

I finally took a little time last night and finished my glass block light, I have been so tied up with these Dr visits and Dentist along with a dry socket...oh man does that hurt. You don't want to do anything but stay in La-La-land. Got my second tooth pulled yesterday and I guess it decided I'd had enough problems, so it just gave up the ghost and slipped out with no I have still got to get the string of lights to go in it..but I wanted do paint this where you can use it in the kitchen all year but in the winter just turn it around and wa-la a different look....


  1. You are so talented. That is just too cute.

  2. I love that the glass block is decorated for "double duty." That way it can be enjoyed all year long!!!

  3. Great idea. I love it when you can use something for more than one thing. The snowmen are so cute! Kathy