Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New painting and gift for a special little Lady

Our neighbor's little girl, well she's not so little anymore, is having a baby in 5 week. I decided I wanted to give her something special since she is so special to me. She grow up with my BB and was his best friend. As a matter of fact, I think she was the only child I met that was a tad meaner then him, she was appropriately named the Boss, and her DH says she's still the older sister (2 yrs older) and she lived at my house most of the time until they reach those teen years where kids go there own ways she went to Brookhaven school and BB went to Loyd Star...they remained friends but didn't run around together different schools different crowds. But any how that's live. They are still friends she just loves BB wife, they went to Co-Lin together. Christy is the little dark hair girl on the left.

Anyhow I found an old baby bottle sterilizer and since she was having a little girl...yes they told her it was a girl, room painted pink, green and brown, clothes bought, everything pretty an pink, sterilizer base coated pink......wrong, they did a 3-D sonogram and it's a boy, she even got to see the water dash to repaint everything. Including the sterilizer, I am fixing it as a little storage container to hold the baby's bath accessories which I am filling it up with.

I had to respray the pot, I forgot to take a before picture. Was trying to get it finished before the rain started Sat. I spray paint out side and the damp air is not good on it's drying right. I painted the inside brown, since her colors are NOW blue, green, and brown.

I painted the handles & knob on the top brown I also painted polka dots on it and then painted a Ladybug pattern called Hush Baby.
I painted the little angel in green and white, so I think I got all of her colors in it. The only thing I like is spraying it with clear sealer, but I have to wait till I can get outside to spray it. I hope she likes it. I think it is a perfect place to store bath stuff to keep it close by and still look good.
Ok, What do you think,. Thanks for coming by to check it out. All comments are appricated, I love to hear what you think.


  1. That is really sweet and what a cute story about the last minute change of plans.

    Roberta Anne = the Raggedy Girl

  2. That is adorable - nice job on the art work - nice story too!

  3. Anyone would be happy and proud to receive this as a gift! Wonderful painting!

  4. That is just adorable. It is the most wonderful gift. Your art work is just wonderful. Thanks for sharing

  5. absolutely wonderful!!!! you are so talented!

  6. What a great idea for bath toy storage and it looks so cute the way you painted it! You are very artistic! I'm sure she will love it!

  7. That is just the cutest thing. What a surprise for her to find out so late that it's a boy!!! Shocking!!!

  8. What a clever idea and it's so darn cute! She will love it! And cherish it forever. It's something she can save and hand down one day. Lucky girl!

    Boy! One thing for certain, since I joined Blogtown...I'm learning to think outside the box. I would have never thought of making such a thing, but, the wheels are spinning everytime I look at everyday items now.

  9. You are so good at creative !
    Love it !
    It is so special that you have this sweet connection to her and the next generation to arrive soon.
    I love seeing what you have done.
    Right now I am still peeking around corners for the Papa and Mama snake that may still be lurking about my yard. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. I needed a little loving on hubby had to go out of town for work.
    Son is busy with his work and life .
    Blessings to you sweet lady.

  10. Just goes to show you we are not as smart as we think--God has a funny sense of humor :) Darling gift and SO original!

  11. That is just the cutest baby gift I've seen lately. Wonderful job you did there!

  12. Hi Molly,
    That's a cute story. And I just LOVE the container that you painted! It is so adorable.
    You are VERY good at your artwork.

    The same thing happened with my son, Dylan. 4 weeks to go, I found out it was a boy, and all I had was dresses.

  13. Oh my goodness. That is so cute. Your are so good. Oh I wish I could come over and watch you paint. All these pictures are lovely.


  14. dear molly...i was just reading you over at donna's...such great comments you have there!
    so i came down to see you.
    oh how you have taken a simple bottle sterilizer and made it into something so beautiful!
    alas though, it is almost too pretty to use!
    what an heirloom, for that mama and that baby boy to pass down through the generations.....terry

  15. Molly, this is the cutest thing!. I just love the little boy. Kathy

  16. Oh My Gosh that is the most darling item!! How talented you are. It's always fun finding out jut how in control mother nature truly is.

  17. That is amazing! It is darling, and she will love it, I'm sure! :) You are so creative and talented!

  18. Ciao
    molto bello , simpatico


  19. Hi Molly! A lady after my own heart! I've been a decorative artist for 29 is the most addictive lifestyle in the world! I love getting acquainted with other artists. Love your work...outstanding! You'll find me on the educational committee of Tole Friends and hanging out with the Chic Chicks. We'd love to have you join either or both groups. TF is geared toward ever learning more and teaching others...CC is the same; but, more of a social group discussing Everything. I have about a dozen blogs'll find them and links to all my faves at Susie's Heart...stop by to visit.
    Blessings, Susie

  20. She will LOVE it! It is so cute and you are so talented! I am glad you are ok, Molly and that you have electricity now. We have a generator which kicked in 5 seconds after the power went out. We had it installed after we were left 4 days w/o electricity during Hurricane Gustav and I just love it. Take care!..Christine

  21. How cute! She will love it! What an interesting way to reuse something that has long out lasted it's use.
    I LOVE your country music! I am country also...and a bit of this and that..but country mainly. Raised on it. Bakersfield California has been my home for awhile..and now returned to Riverside, CA.
    Just hanging around to hear the rest of the song...LOL
    I have not learned how to download music on my I'll just have to come visit you for my listening that alright? :)
    Hugs..and thanks for "following!" LOVE you for that!

  22. Nice painting. It's so artistic. You're so talented and got nice creativity. Well done. Errr.. Christy's shirt seems so nice. Beautiful...