Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Need a little help from my friends

Good Morning America, hey it's TAX Day.....didn't take me long to figure mine, simply put down how much I earned, how much I'd already had deduced from SS, wrote a check for what I had left and sent it in...simple right.....OK, got that off my chest now to other matters,
I found the cutest coaster set, Monday and can't decide what to paint on it. Should I paint it for the kitchen or the living room. Here are the pictures. I like the pattern on the top and think it would look good with a prim design, but also think they would look good painted red and roosters added on
Of course, the natural wood has got to go...what is your suggestion.


  1. I vote for prim - I'd like to see what ideas you'll come up with! Happy Tax Day!

  2. Well I have got sold on that BLACK primmed up paint, it makes everything look so rich. But then again, with summer at hand, chippy white paint, maybe over red, would sure be pretty. I am partial to your roosters for sure...

  3. Oh yes I agree about the roosters. It will be beautiful. Kathy

  4. Oh yes...those Roosters of yours are the best!
    Oh course, a goat, or donkey, a guinea or a baby chick would be cute too.
    I guess I just like all the farm animals.
    I know anything you decide to paint will be beautiful.
    Have a great day.

  5. I vote for roosters. That way it would be flexible to all rooms for you. And go bold, red, black, yellows, white and a touch of green.

    Though I do like the donkey idea as well.