Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chicken little and the shopping trip....

Good morning ladies, can you believe how long it's been since I have posted on here...I think my excuse is called slipped up behind me and knocked me to my knees...DH is finally feeling a little better and my GD is back in Richland, for a week, she is going to Girl Scout Camp this week. She will be back next week for about 3 days, then it's vacation in the Mountains with her Mom and Dad and Nana and Grumppy, then she heads to Johnson City TN for about 3 weeks with her Nana and Grumpy and then back to Richland before school starts...boy I'm tired already thinking about her yr olds are alot better equip to handle it then us old folks are.
I want everyone to know how sweet this little girl is, Last week we went to Pearl to the Flea Market Mall, of course she had her little purse, never goes anywhere without it, I noticed her over in the corner talking to the lady who was running this store....she took her little billfold out and handed the lady some chance....So nosy me, I take off over to where she was and as the lady handed her a bag, she looked up at me and grinned from ear to ear...I just figured she'd bought her Mom something, cause she doesn't go anywhere without looking for something for her Mom...
Look what was in her little bag,
She told me "I know it is pretty ugly like it is, but I know you can make it beautiful, Granny...
How sweet of her to have that much confidence in me....and she even talked the lady down from $1.25 to .75 cents, smart, cute and a wheeler dealer
Well you all know me, I grabbed the can of spray paint as soon as we got home and this is what it looks like now, BUT...... if you know me at all, you know I'm not through yet...just a little teaser...stay tuned for part 2, to see if it looks better or worse.
Hope everyone has a great week...


  1. I think the chicken has such potential and know it is going to look great when you are done! How sweet of your granddaughter to think of you; that is SO special! :)

    I have seen your comments on Montee's blog; just wanted to say hello! :)

  2. Wow - maybe you can put this on my GET R DONE FRIDAY meme this week? Would love to have you join in! Can't wait to see what it looks like all completed! Sometimes these are the very BEST projects - fix-er-uppers!

  3. Hi again,
    I just wanted to write and say that your idea to put house numbers on a chalkboard-platter is such a fantastic idea! I could totally see that looking fantastic if you do that! I cannot wait to see what your platter projects look like, whatever you decide to do, when you're done! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello!
    Take care, :)

  4. Howdy Molly
    Oh you must be so proud of her and so blessed too !
    I can't wait to see how that cute chick turns out because I know you are going to give her a fabulous makeover.
    Blessings to you and yours.
    Happy trails

  5. What a sweet girl! She gets it from her grandma Molly!!!

    I know that hen is going to look great when you are done with it!

  6. I enjoyed your post so much. Anything to do with children makes me happy. I have a special little great grandson that I love dearly. I thought my granddaughter was special, but he is the love of my life. Thanks for visiting my post , and a blessed day.

  7. Just wanna squeeze that kid!! What a wonderful child to think of you in such a loving way. I can't wait to see the end product.

  8. I know this post has come and gone, but I just found it. What a precious child!