Friday, June 5, 2009

Hen in Flowers, Trish McMurry pattern...

Hello y'all, I finally found some time to paint...yea me...I didn't have to go to Jackson (Richland) this week so I took advantage of not having to babysit or work on the house. Already had my house clean so...with DH under the weather, with another sick headache and sleeping most of the day, I tried to be real I headed to my paint room and lookie what I did.
This is one of my most favorite patterns by Trish McMurry ...

I have had this tray for awhile, my DIL's Mom bought me 3 of them at a yard sale last summer while she was down for a visit. The largest of the 3 I painted for her Birthday last year.
This one is a 14" x 10" oval, just perfect.
I started off by spray painting it Black...

Then I transfered the pattern

This is what it should look like after it is tranfered then the painting begins...
This is the finished project. I have painted this pattern at least 25 times on one item or another, but....I have never painted one for ME. This one is mine. It will go in my new black bedroom next to the bed to hold my candy dish.... or what ever I need it for.


  1. The tray is beautiful, Molly. You're very talented. Thanks for helping me celebrate my 100th!...Christine

  2. Love the tray!!! Do you do any paintings? If not you should. Kathy

  3. Wow! Thank you for showing the process. Did you do that original pattern too, I assume?

  4. This is just lovely!! You have a talent for this. I think you need to do things "just for you" once in a while. It will look great no matter where you put it.

  5. Awesome...Molly, you're something else~

  6. So glad you are getting to keep something! And what a beauty it is :)

  7. Hi Molly
    Oh my goodness what a beautiful tray .
    You are so amazing .
    Thank you for stopping by my blog .
    I so appreciate all the encouragement.
    God Bless you sweetie.
    Have a wonderful week.

  8. WOW! I am amazed, awesome job. Wish I could take some classes.

    Hope your Monday is mellow,

  9. It is beautiful! I am glad you are getting to keeping it for yourself.
    What a wonderful talent you have.

    Have a great day.

  10. Neat post of great work. We all need our own space as well as doing something for just us once in awhile. Enjoy each day!

  11. That is GORGEOUS! You have no idea how I LOVE Hens & Roosters! Love it!!

  12. i bet your daughter in law was amazed!

  13. Hi! Thanks so much for joining my party and you have an awesome artistic hand! I can't wait to see what you bring to the Junk Party! I love your stuff! Look forward to seeing more from you!


  14. Hi Molly,

    I don't think I have ever been here before! I am so glad you came by to visit with me the other day, or I wouldn't have found your blog!
    Your painting is just Gorgeous! You are so talented! Thanks for sharing it with us! nancy

  15. Oh Molly...that tray is just adorable. Of course as soon as you add a chicken or a rooster or have my heart!!

  16. Morning girl..ohhhhh I cannot tell you how much I love that tray!!!! The shape..the chicken...the colors..the chicken..did I mention I loved the chicken! lol What beautiful talent you have my friend..ohhhh it is just glorious! Thanks for coming by sweetie...hope you have a great week!

  17. I have always painted stuff I love for others and for sale in a store. Now I have collected a bunch of wood pieces that I want for myself and need to find the time to paint them for me.
    This is a great pattern. Is it yours or from a book?